Apart from us Co-Founders, there have been a few others who have actively helped along the way.

Peter Blatchford

Our special thanks for being part of design up until the Beta version. More from this Design Legend.

George Wiscombe

Our special thanks for being part of design up until the Alpha Release. More from this Design Guru.

Charlotte Knibbs

Huge thanks for all the design tips and for the brilliant creative behind the Logo. More from Charlotte.

Raahat Currim

Super thanks for all the marketing ideas, copy, copy-editing and the unwavering support for development.

Ashwin Prabhu

Many thanks for all the support and being that person whom we could bounce off every little idea and math queries.

Rohan Agarwal

Thanks for helping us iron out copy issues as well as providing us with great UX feedback. More from Rohan.

Sara Kauko

Thanks for that little bit extra to spread the word around London, UK.

Alba Roberts

Thanks for the help with marketing in London, UK.

Jayadev Vadakkanmarveettil

Thanks for being the voice all the way in Hyderabad, India

Last, but not least, a HUGE thanks to all our alpha and beta testers! :D

Thank you guys!


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