About us

As college students ourselves, bills, bills and more bills were always a given and yet, we never could find a way to track them, split them and sort them out quickly and conveniently. Eventually we decided that the only way to find a solution was to design and develop one ourselves.

As people who are passionate about great code and great design, we’re convinced that tools and solutions can and should provide functionality while also being aesthetically appealing. The journey up to this point has therefore involved a lot of time and thought into making certain that WeSplit.it is straightforward, quick and at all times efficient while remaining minimal yet always elegant.

While our little endeavour here was originally developed from a very direct and real need that we had and continue to have even as working professionals, we’re convinced that it holds appeal for a very broad audience. After all, everyone has bills to pay and at one time or another needs to split them.

We hope then, that our effort makes your life a little easier!

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