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  • Sharing bills & expenses?

    Frequently paying for your flatmates or friends?
    Fed up with always calculating who owes what?
    Keep a running tab between you and your friends!

  • Settle your dues via Paypal!

    Pay your friends and flatmates what you owe
    directly from your dashboard.
    Simple. Safe. Secure.

  • No more awkward post-its!

    Monthly bills a conversation killer?
    Now remind your "forgetful" friends & flatmates with regular automatic email alerts.

  • Living with your mates?

    Whether it's bills, takeaway or just daily expenses, deals with all the hassles & calculations
    while you sit back and relax!

  • Simple. Straightforward. Sophisticated.

    It's about time someone made a web-app for this :)

Share bills and expenses with friends and flatmates.
Keep track of your social money and pay your dues in a jiffy! helps you manage what's to be paid, when it's due, and who owes it.

Students & Houseshares

  • Utility & Household Bills
  • Rent & Mortage Payments
  • Online Groceries & Shopping

Group Expenses

  • Takeaways & Drinks
  • Gig & Theatre Tickets
  • Dry Cleaning & Maid Services

Beers, Trips & more!

  • Parties & Clubs
  • Camping Trips & Holidays
  • Personal IOUs & more ...

We've split $4,064,062,027.00 in bills, expenses and IOU's so far! is a complete end-to-end solution that makes sharing your bills and expenses,
tracking your social money and paying your dues ever so simple!

Latest Tweet crosses $48M / £34M / €42M / Rs 324cr in shared bills, expenses & IOUs! #Milestone! Happy Split-ing everyone :D

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